Communion and Baptism

Communion is served on the first and third Sundays of each month, and on major festival days (Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Easter, Pentecost). We believe this is the Lord’s table and all are welcome to partake.

Since baptism is the beginning of life in Christian community, it is desirable that families who are planning to baptize a child choose and become active in a congregation in which they will regularly participate. It is preferable that the baptism be held at that congregation since the members of the parish share the responsibility for nurture of the child.

An infant who is baptized becomes a member of the congregation and parents will normally become members at the same time if they are not so already. However, it isn’t membership alone that is central; rather, that the parents begin attending the congregation so there is a relationship with this particular community of faith. There is not a specific ideal age to baptize an infant or young child. We recommend that you begin attending Faith for a number of months before beginning the baptismal process.