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Sola Sermon Series: July 2017

Not all of them come out of Luther, but the Reformation produced five “solas” to articulate how humans come to be in relationship with their Lord. In July, we’ll explore each of these in our morning worship services.

July 2 – Sola Fide (faith alone)
July 9 – Sola Scriptura (scripture alone)
July 16 – Sola Gratia (grace alone)
July 23 – Solus Christus (Christ alone)
July 30 – Soli Deo Gloria (for the glory of God alone)

How can salvation come by five things and each of them still be “alone”? That’s a good question, and one we plan to address in July! Join us.

Reformation 500 Series: Next Lecture Summer 2017


Dr. Joshua Miller, Adjunct Professor of Religion at Augsburg College will lead adult forums through the year. His topics will center on Martin Luther’s Reformation, which was launched on October 31. 1517. As we enter the 500th year since that world-changing day, Dr. Miller will join us in our celebration! Date TBA. Lunch will be served at the conclusion of the forum. Everyone is invited.